What is Link Building - Complete Guide for Beginners 2022

I started doing link building two years ago, during which time I learned a lot about sites, how to recognize quality websites and spam sites, what backlinks are, and how important link building is for SEO.

In this blog post will share my experience and what I learned through that time building backlinks, and how it works in practice. 

In the beginning, it was complicated and challenging. Still, over time, if you focus on building a good reputation on your site, share quality content and build quality relationships with high authority sites, the links will come by themselves. 

This guide will definitely help you to learn and understand how link building works and how to build strong relationships with other relevant sites and implement some of the strategies and tactics that I will share with you.

What is a simple definition of link building?

Link building is one part of the SEO strategy to gain links from one site to another to drive traffic and strengthen the website’s authority. A simple definition is a process of gaining relevant hyperlinks from one site to another.


In order for that to happen, various techniques and link-building strategies are used to acquire those links. The best links are the ones you don’t have to look for that you get yourself without your influence on that site. The higher quality of the link sent to your site, the greater the chance of positioning yourself on Google and the higher the chance of organic traffic to your site.


There are three kinds of links: internal, external, and backlinks.

Internal links are links within sites pointing from one page to another page at the same domain. Internal links are essential for your website because they help Google discover, recognize and index all of your pages on your site.


External links are different because they point to the page to another domain. They have a significant impact on increasing your website ranking. External links always come from the same niche as a recommendation and help Google recognize your website’s relevance.


There are two kinds of external links: dofollow and nofollow.


Dofollow links can improve your website rankings and the domain authority of your website. If someone adds do-follow links pointing to your website, they allow link juice to your website, and it helps to improve website domain rating, authority, and keyword ranking. 


A no-follow link is a link that contains a rel=” no follow” attribute in its HTML code. This link doesn’t help to pass your domain authority and doesn’t have an impact on SEO. However, you can use the no-follow link when you don’t want to pass link juice to or approve the linked website.


How to start link building as a beginner?

The best practice to learn about link building is to practice on your own website.

The first and most important thing is to find sites in your niche that you will contact because, in link building, the most important thing is to build reputation and relationships with other website owners to gain trust. So build your prospecting list of people you will try to reach out to. 

There are a few ways how to start link building

Build contacts

The most important thing is to build contacts. This is the most important and most challenging thing in link building. You can build connections through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn. Even on Instagram, you can find website owners or guest bloggers. I will explain how to do it easily if you are a beginner in the link-building world.

Find bloggers

Look for blog posts in your niche and find journalists who write that blog post. When you create a list of journalists, you need to find their emails and contact them. I recommend you to use the hunter.io finder tool or extension for Chrome. It is a very useful tool if you want to find someone quickly. After you find contacts, you need to create a personalized email template to help you with your response rate. Finally, try to create a partnership with them and offer them something valuable.



Use Ahrefs to find sites

source : Ahrefs

Also, you can find sites using the Ahrefs tool. Go to Ahrefs, but first, you need to register and pay to use their tool. I recommend using Ahrefs because it is easy to use and learn link building very quickly. After you sign up on Ahrefs, look at who links to your competitors, go to their backlink profile and filter sites and fill it in the spreadsheet you want to contact. Then use the hunter.io tool to find emails (that is a faster way). Also, you can find contact information on sites, or if there is no contact information, you can also use LinkedIn to find the person or web owner you want to contact. 

Search Facebook groups

Check on Facebook. There are a lot of groups and communities that are doing link building that can help you get links for your website. So ask to join in a few groups, and there you will see who are looking to exchange links in your niche; feel free to send them friend requests to more people you know and connect more opportunities you will have.


LinkedIn is also a great place to find people in your niche, and you can find web owners and guest bloggers who are looking to connect and exchange links. Also, if you are looking for a job as a link builder or Content marketer, you can find it very fast on LinkedIn. Just share quality content there, and you will attract great possibilities.

Write quality content

Writing something that attracts people to read your blog post and say something clever to your target audience is very important. Research very well the niche you want to write in and then try to write much better content than your competitor because people recognize quality text. Include images, videos, infographics, and statistics in your blog post to give value to your post. 

Try to write at least 1500 – 2000 words because Google loves quality and rich content. It is better to write and publish your content one at a week, but it is 100% original, unique, and fresh, and readers will recognize that. Always make sure to optimize your text for a better ranking on Google.

 Ask for it

The best thing as a beginner is to reach out to people and ask them for backlinks. But keep in mind nobody won’t link to you if you don’t have quality content and a good reason to link to your site. Most people send the same email templates every day, and website owners ignore spam messages. So better send personalized emails to 10 addresses per day, and you will have a better chance for response and backlink to your site. It takes time and effort, but it is worth it.

Guest posting

What is guest posting? Guest posting is when you ask some other site if they can publish your content on some other site that you reach out to promote your name, brand, business, authority, and share your thoughts and knowledge of the site that you manage.

Guest posting in 2021 was very popular because of it. 

Guest posting is a great way to build a reputation and earn backlinks to your website. You have to carefully decide on which site to do guest posting. You have to plan it wisely. That has to be a high authority site that has good traffic.

Before starting writing, always ask for guidelines to see what webmasters are expecting from you. If you want to publish your content, always follow their guidelines. Ask them if you can add an author bio and backlink to your site if you want to have benefited from your guest posting because every site has its own rules, and most of them don’t accept author bio. Based on their guidelines, you have to start writing a guest post. All you need is to write 100% original content and place your links naturally. 

Here is an example of it :

Source: nadalinks.com


Buying links directly violates Google’s rules and link scheme, it is still the most popular because it gives the fastest results but I will not recommend doing that if you want to avoid the Google penalty. However, making links is challenging work and takes time for results. That’s why most of them are looking for someone to do it for them or do it for themselves. So I recommend you avoid buying links.

I made some pool on LinkedIn to see which link building tactic other people prefer to use :

Source: LinkedIn


You will see most of them use Guest posting. I think because most of them can create a reputation through guest posting and add backlinks to their site at the same time.



Link building is a challenging job and takes a lot of effort, research, and work. But once you see the result, you will be satisfied and proud of yourself, and you will see the benefits of your quality work.


I hope you like this post, and you will find it helpful.

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