5 Best Link Building Strategies

Link building is one of the most vital SEO strategies, and it is not easy to do. Search engines developed so quickly that now they can distinguish valuable links from those who are just there for the quantity. Link building is that important because it is like a tool that gets votes for your websites. They indicated that your website is valuable and can provide essential information to your visitors.

In this article, we will explain the importance of link building. Also, we will list some of the most efficient link building strategies in 2022.

What is effective link building?

Link building is an SEO term used to describe the process of having other websites link to a page on your website. In this way, you increase the authority of your website. The high website authority helps you rank higher on the search engine results page. This strategy is not exclusive since not all websites rank the same. Google prefers quality over quantity, and instead of reaching out to any website asking for link building, look for valuable sites with high authority.

Why do you need link building strategies?

The purpose of link building is to build authority so Google can recognize your site as valuable. Besides, several benefits link building a popular strategy among SEO experts.

1. Higher website credibility

If other websites link to your page, that will increase the credibility of your website. Although the content you provide may be high quality, you will hardly be visible to Google if nobody links to your website. Also, the opposite has the same effect. If you have a lot of websites linking to your page, if they don’t have high authority, Google will not consider it. Remember that it is better to find a few authoritative sites that link to your website than dozens of low-authority websites.

2. Increased web traffic

The websites that will link to your page should be from your niche. It means their visitors will most likely be interested in your content as well. In this way, link building increases web traffic. Also, since they have an audience from the same niche, it will lower the bounce rate since people will know what to expect after clicking the link to your page.

3. More sale opportunities

With increased traffic and visitors staying longer on your website, there’s a higher chance for purchases to happen. Also, as you rank higher in the search engine results, your website is more exposed to other people. It increases your chance of turning visitors into potential customers.  

Top 5 Link Building Strategies [2022]

There are different strategies that experts use for their link building plan. Not all link building strategies can be equally efficient. But, there are still a few that experts see as most efficient. In this article, we will talk about five link building strategies. They will increase organic traffic to your website.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most efficient ways to do link building, with over 60% of bloggers writing up to five guest posts per month.

Doing guest blogging means you write a blog post and add blog link to yourself in it, then find a website in your niche to publish your blog post on their website. Guest blogging can increase visibility and bring more traffic to your website.

Although it sounds simple, it is not easy to build a relationship with a link-worthy website. However, there are some unwritten rules that you can follow to look for the right websites.

Find a website in your niche – If your niche is digital marketing, there is no point in posting your blog on a travel site. Focus on websites that have the same or similar niche to yours. Also, narrow down the list to websites with a domain authority over 50. Your goal is to find websites that already have engaged readers and well-built credibility among their followers.

When you reach out to websites, avoid sending genetic emails because it will seem like you only care about yourself. Guest blogging is about building a relationship with others from your niche, and both sides should benefit from it. Make your email personal and explain how their website can benefit from it.

2. Take Advantage of Broken Links

Nobody likes seeing “404 not found,” especially if you promised they would receive valuable information by clicking the link.

Broken link building is a strategy where you locate broken links on a website, write similar content in that niche, and ask the website to link to your content instead of the broken link.

You may be puzzled about the ways to find broken links on the website, but it is easier than you think. Start by visiting your competitors’ websites and looking for the broken links. You can find the broken links by running the Backlink audit using free software. Analyze the results to find domains that link to these websites. When you locate the websites, use the opportunity to reach out and offer to replace their broken link with your link. 

3. Use Resource Page Link Building

Resource page link building is another popular strategy that is easy to implement and can bring good results. To use this strategy, you should have high-quality content that resource pages can list on their page.

Link building is usually easy to find because both the resource page and you benefit from it. They can list you as a valuable resource in that niche and bring traffic to your website. This strategy is more efficient than other strategies because resource pages have higher credibility than other pages. They are not trying to sell any service but help their visitors by providing valuable information.

Finding these websites is not complicated. All you need is to google the keyword and resources. For example:

  • Keyword + “resources”
  • Keyword + “useful resources”
  • Keyword + “helpful resources

4. Build Your Community on Social Media

One may think that link building is all about website backlinking to you. But being visible on social media has its advantages. Link building is about building relationships rather than linking to a website that you know nothing about at all.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and others are mediums to build relationships with others. Although social media does not affect search ranking, it helps increase visibility online and drive traffic to your website.

Reaching out to people through social media may seem awkward if you didn’t prepare first. It takes time because you want to build a meaningful relationship with influences from your niche, so they will eventually link back to you. To do this, you should target accounts in that niche, and once you find them, follow them on social media and start interacting with them and following their content. Eventually, you can reach out and offer them valuable content that they can use.

5. Leverage Competitor’s Backlinks

Instead of spending days and hours building your backlink strategy, analyze competitors’ websites and implement their backlink strategy. It is a popular and effective strategy because it allows you to spot what your website lacks.

For example, analyze their campaigns, or look for the content with the most backlinks. You can go further and find their weak spots. Utilize them in your strategy to outrank them in the search engine.

Analyzing competitors’ profiles can help you find websites that backlink to them. You can use this in your strategy and reach out to these websites. Also, you can boost your traffic by noticing what your website lacks that they already have. In that way, you can update it and rank higher in search results.

Is it okay to buy links?

Buying links is something that people often ask themselves when working on their link building strategy. Just like anything else, you can buy links. However, as much as you can benefit from it, you risk being found by Google. Buying links is against Google guidelines which means that you will get a penalty if the search engine finds out that you paid for the link.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars buying backlinks, invest some time to find the right strategy for your website. Then, work on it. It might take some time, but at least you will not risk being penalized by Google.

Final thoughts

While there are many important factors in search engine ranking, link building is one of the most important. It improves your position in the search engine results and increases the traffic to your website.

There are various link building strategies, some of which are more or less efficient. In this article, we mention some of the most successful link building strategies. You can use them in your SEO link strategy.

You should keep in mind that Google prefers quality over quantity and that you should be strategic in your link building plan.

Make connections with websites from your niche and nurture a good relationship. Invest some time finding broken links and provide a valuable replacement for them. Create high-quality content and offer them as a valuable resource to similar websites. Be visible on social media and make new connections with people from your niche.

What about your link building strategies? Have you tried one of the above, or do you have a suggestion for a different one?

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